What i did this summer

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This summer I spent 3 weeks in Florida with my family and it has honestly been one of the best summers ever.

This was my first time going to Florida so that made it even more exciting. I was excited to finally be hitting the American soil.


Obviously wondering if Donald trump would turn up and just attack me.


The day after I arrived was my 18th birthday. Most people want a big extravaganza for their birthday but I just wanted to spend the day with my family who I haven’t seen in at least 10 years. To me turning 18 wasn’t even a big deal. Nothing changes but my age.

back to the rest of the holiday. I visited the Lauderdale by the sea beach which was nice even though I can’t

Beach selfie

swim, those waves were too strong to be doing any form of swimming anyway. A lot of standing and splashing went on which is all fun and games until the salt water gets into your eyes and it begins to burn.

I did some shopping got some makeup which I will advance on in an upcoming blog post finally got my hand on some stuff I’ve been wanting. In my head the main purpose of the holiday was to get some makeup anytime shopping was mentioned my first question was ‘do they sell makeup there’. We also got some jeans which I’m already in love with and can tell I’ll love forever.

I went bowling and laser tag, they were both fun, at first the bowling seemed impossible all I was getting was gutter balls I laughed but I’m not sure if I was amused or embarrassed with how bad it was going however in the second round I came joint first so I was pleased. The laser tag was easy and I did ok, energy is required for both these things. one night we decided we wanted to see a movie so we went and watched the hitman’s bodyguard which I highly recommend to everyone.

During the holiday, we spent the day and universal studios. We went to the island of adventure first and let me tell you I am not a roller coaster person but I went on every single one they had there and I loved it. Then we went into the universal studios section and honestly the rides in that section were the best as they weren’t just your usual ones they were stimulators my favourite one was the Jimmy Fallon ride and it was so realistic it was unbelievable, they also had one from the film the mummy returns and that one comes in close second place. The rest were mediocre and honestly don’t deserve a name call.

we visited a water park call Rapids and we got there quite late so we had just under 2hours and we went on every single slide they had. it was amazing the only con is a number of stairs you have to climb to get to the slides like damn that was a full workout.

on a whole, i had an amazing summer and would happily come back.


30 thoughts on “What i did this summer

  1. Looks like you had a great time. Florida is on my list of places I’d like to go to. I am glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t celebrate their 18th too!!!

    1. it’s beautiful and there’s so much to do there.
      being 18 seems so overrated to me all it means is that there’s more responsibility

  2. It sounds like you had an amazing summer, Florida is somewhere I would really love to visit in the future. I will have to keep in mind your post.

    Kristy | thevioletblonde.com

  3. I’m from Florida but live in the UK now. I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed the US and that Trump didn’t attack you (I’d be afraid too!!) Fort Lauderdale is lovely; my best friend lives there and I visited last year. Glad you had a happy birthday x

  4. Bowling and laser tag seems like an awesome birthday! Happy you had a good time! I went laser tagging for my birthday last year:) Haha, I love that Trump gif:D Happy belated birthday, and thanks for sharing:)

  5. OMG I haven’t been to Florida since I was a kid! But I’ve definitely been to UniversAl Studios recently in California when the new Harry Potter stuff opened. Sounds like you had a blast. Spending time with family and shopping is a great combination!

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