Things I’m grateful for

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Today. 7th August 2017 I turn 18 years old. for most this is a big step in life, to me, it just means I have to be even more responsible.

to honour my birthday I’ve decided to write what I am grateful for.

Firstly I’m grateful for my health although I do have to struggle with epilepsy everything else is fine. I can smile, laugh. although I go through some struggles I still have the strength to live life well.


I’m thankful for my family, supportive always there when I need them. I love knowing I can count on most of them when the time is either. thankful I have a beautiful niece who means the world to me.

also thankful for my friends especially those that I rarely speak to but whenever we do it like nothing has changed that is the type of people I love. those who are always there to listen to my problems and genuinely cares and those that trust you enough to share their problems with you.


7 thoughts on “Things I’m grateful for

  1. Happy birthday official woman today. May the Lord blessed YOU richly and give you the desires of your beautiful HEART.

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