Thing that need to stay in 2017

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Hey Gems,

The year is slowly coming to an end and so many things have happened throughout this year, so many good things have happened however plenty things that should be left behind. So here I am to give you a list of things that I believe shouldn’t enter 2018 with us.



  • People sticking false eyelashes up their noses and sticking them in places they shouldn’t. Why can’t the world just be normal and keep things where they should be.
  • Lip fillers. I am sick of tired of seeing girls whos mouths look like a monkeys ass. if you have thin lips then either live with it or overline them why get fillers that never even look natural. 
  • People hating for no reason. People get up and the first thing they can do is hate? please drink some tea and smile life’s not promised so live it to the fullest and don’t hate.
  • Racism. Please tell me why in someone’s mind being a different skin tone can cause an issue. Then people get offended when others try and stick up for a support their race which is being treated unfairly.
  • Long ass baby hairs. Your baby hair shouldnt be as long as the rest of your hair (unless you aint got much hair.)
  • People who follow you then unfollow like a day later. Erm? Excuse me why be so rude.

Thanks for reading 💎💎💎💎



3 thoughts on “Thing that need to stay in 2017

  1. Very good observations of the things that should never crossover to 2018 with us. things that doesn’t add anything to our lives.

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