Life Update.

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Little life update.

Hey my Gems, that’s what ill be calling you guys from now on, anyway I’m just putting up this blog post to give you all an update on my life.

I am currently studying a Level 3 health and social care course which is 2 years long which will give me the opportunity to go onto university if that’s what I decide when that time comes. I am studying health and social care because I want to become a social worker in the future as I’ve always wanted to pursue a career where what I do would make a change in the world and I think a career in social work will do that.

I feel that as a person I am growing as I have stopped caring about other peoples expectations of me and I’m just doing my own thing. I’ve realised that just because I’m not on the same level as some doesn’t mean I’m not good enough nor does it mean I’m shit at life it just means I need to take my time and focus and not be worried about what others are doing.

I am becoming happy with myself and that’s all I’ve ever wanted I feel content I feel as if my life is slowly falling into place and I will not rush I will take my time and let things happen how they’re supposed to.

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15 thoughts on “Life Update.

  1. Hi GEM
    I love your new positive outlook on life and what you aspiring to become. If you don’t take charge of your life someone else will and for sure you will not like the outcome. So go ahead and follow your hearts desires a big pat on your back. I hope you’re successful with your course and prove all your doubters wrong.

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