Wardrobe Essentials

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One thing I know is wardrobe essentials never change and are the same for almost everybody. they look good on everyone and with everything. my wardrobe is super basic nothing special about it.

Here are the essentials everyone should have in their wardrobe no matter the gender:


No matter the cut or the colour a few pair of jeans is essential to any wardrobe, jeans go with any t-shirt/ blouse you can think of. Find yourself a good strong pair of jeans to keep you going.

White T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a white tee? it’s a casual day doesn’t know what to throw on. A CUTE WHITE TEE OFCOURSE. whether it’s just basic or it has a special style to it, no worries invest in one.

Ballet flats

Everyone needs a nice basic pair of flats they can just slip on quickly when in a rush. Any colour is fine as long as it goes with items in your wardrobe.


Winter.Rain.Snow. boots are needed not having a pair would be a silly mistake. I own waterproof ankle boots which are both stylish and useful. However, if you prefer high boots get you some.



Pencil skirt

Everyone needs a pencil skirt for those days when you just remembered you have a meeting or a job interview you totally forgot to buy an outfit for. A pencil skirt, plain shirt tucked in and the next essential will do the trick.


Told you the next essential would do the trick. A simple blazer that can be paired with anything is a great idea. Super useful and makes you look sophisticated.




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